The Other Sky

Boo’s recent paintings draw inspiration from the recurrent web of construction sites scattered across the city and employ linear perspective prominent in Renaissance art to suggest space and structure within an imaginary landscape. These imageries do not evoke real moments of memories but suggest man’s perilous attitude in the quest for development, construction and treatment of nature in contemporary society.

Singapore is a densely populated city-state peppered with high rise residential estates, shopping walls and industrial commercial complexes. Like many big cities in developing countries, it is a city under constant renewal and reconstruction. Skeletal structures for new buildings can be seen erected rapidly over the plot where the not-so-old ones were demolished. For Boo, the dark shadowed spaces framed within multiple rows and columns of steel beams and reinforced concrete panels looked like portals to an unknown.

The monochromatic handling of linear structures resembling scaffoldings, partitions and platforms are created through the delicate process of pulling and pushing wet paints across the canvas using a squeegee. The illusory imagery sits on the edge of recognition and abstraction, where meaning is constantly shifting and reading multifaceted.

 © 2018 by BOO SZE YANG

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Boo Sze Yang
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