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Entitled “29.03.15”, this exhibition distills the emotional tone of that fateful day that has become significant in Singapore’s history. This exhibition will feature the artist’s latest series of paintings which pay tribute to the day of the passing of Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew. Boo’s new paintings encapsulate time as a symbolic element which opens up readings into various situations which have occurred during this gloomy day. The mood in the paintings is quiet and sombre, people’s gestures and facial expressions reveal the nation’s profound, yet indescribable sense of loss and sadness. While the nation discusses the commemoration of LKY, the artist chooses instead to focus on the people of Singapore – “the ordinary, anonymous Singaporeans who did the extraordinary”. The presence of the commune that was formed and unified on this day spoke much more than it could be captured by the media, and these paintings offer a closer view on the psychological, dramatic and solemn effect on the people of Singapore. Without any direct visual references to LKY, the works inevitably capture a sense of his presence and his standing in people’s hearts via the impact and memory of his passing.

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