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Un-Intentional Consequences

31 October – 8 November 2020 


Comma Space is pleased to present “Un-Intentional Consequences” by Singaporean artist Boo Sze Yang. In this installation, Boo explores the duality of intentional and unintentional actions in the art-making process and how unintended consequences could be subjugated as an integral part of the creative process. In our social experiences, we associate unintentional actions predominantly with bad outcomes and unintended consequences. In the art-making process, innovation and creativity is a consequence of acknowledging failure and miscommunication, embracing the imperfect and the impermanent.  Art lies between the real and the imagined; very much like a cast shadow that refers to an absence and the presence of something. At the edge of each shadow, there is light. Art is at the edge of the shadow. 


In this exhibition, the artist utilises masking tapes to create a site-specific installation responding to the structure of the space and shadows cast by objects from the preceding exhibition “The Waiting Machine”  by artist Yangjie. The artist kept the traces, marks left behind from Yangjie's installation and literally fastened the cast shadows onto the four walls of the space. The artist then 'borrowed' the sounds created by artist Sai Hua Kuan's (co-owner of the Comma Space) moving sculpture to complete this sight & sound installation; offering a moment of contemplation on the illusory nature of reality and art.

“Un-Intentional Consequences” is the seventh project of the exhibition series, “12 Solo” of Comma Space 逗号空间.

Comma Space 逗号空间, 51 Jalan Pemimpin, #04-02 Singapore, 577206

画家巫思远首个装置 “偷”他人影子与声音 


Work in Progress

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